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CLASS OF 2015:The School Of The Damned is a course run by its students and supported by a growing circle of visiting lecturers and tutors. It challenges the funding structures within the current system of higher education, providing artists with the opportunity to study in a space which allows for critical discourse and a sustained re-assessment of students art practices. The course aims to establish a new network of artists, academics and institutions, which not only advocates free education, but also demands a universal acknowledgment of education as a fundamental right. This action is a necessary response to the increasingly precarious working-living situation, a lack of time and space is a reality for many practicing artists today. The School Of The Damned facilitates essential time for contemplation and critique of each student’s art practices within a constructive framework. We demand a level of rigour and commitment similar to that of an accredited MA. The course is constantly re-assessing itself in conversation with outside advisers who come from a range of auto-didactic and academic backgrounds. Integral to The School Of The Damned ethos is the labour exchange. Trading time for time is a subversion of the current monetary corruption of the educational system; we rally against the present model of free labour and exploitation within the creative industries. The School Of The Damned does not advocate or condone an independent system of education based on entrepreneurial values, philanthropy, libertarianism or self-reliance. As current occupants of the School, we trust that this protest will continue into the future.
CLASS OF 2014:The School Of The Damned is an MA course run by its students and overseen by a board of academic advisors. It is intended to provide artists who cannot afford to study on an accredited program with a critical discourse and rigorous re-assessment of their art practices. The course also aims to establish a new network of artists, academics and institutions, which would not only advocate free education, but demand a universal acknowledgment of education as a fundamental right. Further to this aim, by its existence the course acts as a form of protest against an plutocratic state, which preserves aristocracies, promotes rampant avarice and marginalises the poor, dismantling their institutions and restricting their access to learning. By deeming itself a Masters Degree in Art, the course demands of itself a constant assessment of its proposed equivalence to established/accredited courses, yet ultimately understands that it will fail in this goal. The School of the Damned operates outside of the officially sanctioned academic institution, but does this out of necessity because the current system increasingly restricts access to such institutions. This course has been conceived of and produced as a pragmatic response to this current system, therefore, and as a protest against it, should not be construed as advocating or condoning an independent system of education based on values of entrepreneurism, philanthropy, libertarianism or self-reliance.

Labour Exchange

Each student will provide three days of labour over the duration of the course to be exchanged for the Visiting Lecturers' time, the terms of which to be agreed between both parties.

Sunday Sessions

are monthly sessions held on the last Sunday of every month. Each session is comprised of two parts: A ‘Toni Lecture’ and The Student Presentations. Over the course of the year each student will deliver a Toni Lecture to the group. It can take any format as long as it is not directly related to the student's own creative practice. The Student Presentations consist of individual presentations of work by three students. Sunday Sessions are held at the Horse Hospital in Russell Square, central London.

Group Seminars

are reading sessions held on every second Tuesday of every month. Seminars are evening sessions where the group discusses that month's allocated reading.


Visiting Lecturers

In addition to all 15 students, two lecturers will have been selected by the student body and invited to attend and help moderate the Sunday Sessions. Visiting lecturers are remunerated for their time through the School's Labour Exchange Programme. Tutors visiting so far: Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Gill Partington, Electra, Tai Shani, Kristen Kreider and James O'Leary, Jonathan Callan, Jack Strange, Lucy Clout, Andy Holden, Kate Owens, Ruth Ewan, Derek Horton, The Hut Project, Mariel Jana Supka, Marina Vishmidt, Caroline Rolf, Huw Lemmey, Harry Medley, Dave Beech, Laura Oldfield Ford, Dawn Mellor, Rebecca Stephany, Elisabeth Klemens, Lea Cetera, Sam Keogh, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso, Shaun Doyle, Simon Bedwell, Harold Offeh, Janette Parris, Bernard Walsh, Ralph Dorey, Amie Clark, Gareth Bell-Jones, David Panos, Paul Carter, Guillaume Breton, Joseph Buckley, Rozsa Farkas.

The Board Of Advisors

are appointed to study and evaluate whether the course is valid in its conception, politics, structure and purpose. The formal requirements of the board are to: Decide upon a reading list; Attend at least one Sunday Session in the role of a visiting tutor; Read and report back to the students on the content of the website, manifesto, course structure, and all other official documents created by the students; Create a report at the conclusion of each year. The time spent by each advisor is quantified as three days over the duration of the course. This time is reciprocated with three labour exchange days, the terms of which are outlined in the Course Handbook. The current board advisors are Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Gill Partington and Derek Horton.


CLASS OF 2015: Emilia Bergmark, Kerry Campbell, Philip Coyne , Ruth Edwards, Maria Gondek, Tom Hall, Perce Jerrom, Moe Meade, Emily Pope, Benjamin Slinger, Hannah Stearn, Alfie Strong, Josh Whitaker.
CLASS OF 2014: Jack Barraclough, Kitty Clark, Rachael Haines, Andy Healy, Joseph Lewis, Matilda Moors, Jennifer Pengilly, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Clare Rees-Hales, Rosie Ridgway, Stefan Sadler, David Steans, Liam Wright-Higgins.


School Of The Damned Interim Show Class of 2015SOTD Degree Show at The Horse Hospital, LondonThe School Of The Damned show at Blip Blip Blip, LeedsThe School Of The Damned Interim Show at Five Years, London


Futurecamp at Wysing Arts Centre, Alternative Methods: Art and Education (with contributions from Leah Gordon, Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Ahmet Ögüt, The Silent University; School of The Damned; Ella Ritchie, Director of Programming at Intoart; Sally Tallant, Director, Liverpool Biennial; artist Florian Roithmayr and the Expanded Studio group at Wysing) Saturday 26 July 2014SOTD talk, Wimbledon College of Art, 18th June 2014SOTD talk, The Ruskin School University of Oxford, 24th May 2014Night of the damned, the grand finale to the school of the damned's degree show at The Horse Hospital, Sat 8th Feb 2014Art Education Forum: Alternative Art Education? With Gendaisho-sha Bigakko and School of the Damned (organized by Dean Kenning) November 2013Crowd Talks: f-re-e thinking schools (with Harry Woodrow of Multistorey, Department 21, Amy Pennington, School of the Damned and Andy Haslam)Symposium - The Centre Is Here: Alternative art schools WARP, CardiffThe School Of The Damned and The Free School Movement, Five Years Gallery, London

Good Job Talks

Good Job Talks is programme of talks run by Good Job and School of The Damned and running from ACAVA studios at 49 Grange Walk, Bermondsey SE1 3DY ⚑ Annie Whiles Artist Talk. Wednesday 25th June 2014, 7pmPil and Galia Kollectiv Artist Talk. Wednesday 18th June 2014, 7pmCaptain Zip talk and screening. Wednesday 14th May 2014, 6h30pmLea Cetera Artist Talk. Thursday 24th April 2014, 6h30pmDr. Charlotte Cooper, The Fattylympics: creating community mayhem in a surveillance culture. Wednesday 26th March 2014, 7pmKelly Nipper Artist Talk Wednesday 26th February 2014, 7pm


Alternative art schools: a threat to universities? by David Batty, Guardian online Monday 21 October 2013 (see our response here) ⚑ Review: The School of The Damned – blip blip blip, Leeds, by Rebecca Senior, Corridor 8 online art magazine, 15 October 2013Symposium report: alternative art schools, by Kathryn Ashill, an online 24 June 2013 (see our response here) ⚑ critical practice, ongoing wiki page


Publication for interim show at Five Years, Class of 2015Degree Show hand-out at The Horse Hospital, Class of 2014 ⚑ Interim Show at Five Years zine (missing, coming soon)







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